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Active Sports Massage

Active Sports Massage

Active Sports Massage provides a variety of Massage therapies tailored to the indidual clients needs which include, Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Maintenance & Corrective.

Whether you are suffering from with sore stiff muscles, chronic pain from working at a desk or an injury form sports, Massage can help.

Many athelete use Sports Massage to enhance pre-event preparation and thus prevent injuries and reduce recovery time.  However over the years non sports persons have discovered the benefits from Sports Massage.

Here are some of the Common Injuries and Chronic Problems that Sports Massage Techniques can remedy :-

* Upper and Lower Back pain

* Headaches/Migraines

* Repetitive Strain/ Ankle Injuries

* Hip & Joint Pains

* Achilles Tendon Inflamation

* Rotator Cuff Injuries

* Frozen Shoulder

* Golfers & Tennis Elbow

* Planter Faciitis





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