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Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Middle Eastern and Tribal Style Belly dance 

Local classes at Southrepps Village Hall

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Whether you come for the exercise, social interaction or you love to dance, you should enjoy the 
lifting and mood enhancing benefits of this style of dance that has been performed for 1000s of years
. Every single dancer is different. It is a celebration of womanhood
 whatever your age, shape, weight or physical 
appearance. It is not about being thin, glamorous or fit, but involves feeling good about yourself and 
having a great self image. Everyone is different and we can celebrate that difference. However
 you may also find that you achieve some positive training effects and get fitter
which is a bonus.Over a period of time you may find that the following improves;
1. Stamina or endurance
2. Breathing
3. Circulation
4. Mobility
5. Posture
6. Core strength and body control
7. Lower stress levels

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