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Grovefield Dental Surgery

Grovefield Dental Surgery

Grovefield Dental Surgery

& North Norfolk Dental Implant Centre

At Grovefield Dental Surgery we strive to ensure the highest possible standard of dental care. We use the latest technology and most advanced products to achieve the best results. The excellent dental laboratories we use produce top quality denture, crown and bridge work.

We welcome our patients to view a visit to Grovefield more of a pleasure and less of a chore. With ample parking space, friendly staff, a welcoming relaxed waiting room where you may help yourself to a hot or cold drink, watch television while you wait, we hope that we can make your experience at the dentist a pleasant one.

teethRoutine Dentistry
Dental health checks, oral cancer screening, tooth coloured fillings, tooth root fillings, high quality aesthetic dentures, crowns and bridge work

Cosmetic Dentistry
For a brighter, whiter smile.

Tooth whitening, either done at the surgery in one session
or using a do-it-yourself kit at home with a tray and special gel.
See results in just a few treatments

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Tooth coloured fillings

Restorative Dentistry

  • Mercury-free and metal-free tooth coloured fillings

Implant Dentistry

  • A long term solution to the permanent replacement of loose or missing teeth
  • A titanium implant is placed in the jaw bone where a tooth or teeth are missing. The bone of the jaw grows around this implant and fixates in the bone to provide a really stable anchor through a process called osteointegration. This bond is stronger that that of a normal healthy tooth root. A crown, bridge or dentures are then fixed on top of this implant to produce a really firm permanent replacement.

Emergency Care
A 24 hour emergency service is available

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01692 404 863

Fax Number:
01692 403175

Mobile Number:

49, Yarmouth Rd
North Walsham
NR28 9AT

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