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Kingfisher Kids Club

Kingfisher Kids Club

Our History

The Kingfisher Kids Club opened in 2004.  In 2006 it was re-registered when I Sally Lee became the new owner. I have had over 20 years experience in childcare settings and can see the potential that the Club can provide to the community.

The location of the premises is on Southrise which is off Buxton Road and the club is positioned directly opposite Skeyton View and is attached by land to Millfield School.  A Map is attached here.

Kingfisher Kids Club
Kingfisher Kids Club Logo
Kingfisher Kids Club
Kingfisher Kids Club Outside of Building

We provide care to children in between the ages of 4 and 12 years.  We provide a breakfast, after school and holiday club.  We currently work in partnership with Millfield School and Millfield Preschool and provide a wraparound care (from September December for under who cannot attend school until January due to their age).

The children attending mainly come from Millfield Primary School but children from other schools are welcome and some travel up to 10 miles to attend. I.e. Mundesley School, Southrepps  and Banningham and Colby School.

We operate the club within the registration and inspection procedures set out by Ofsted; all staff is trained to a minimum level 2 and are working towards level 3 or degree level.  Child/staff ratios are always followed and often we are over staffed for added satisfaction.

The Organisation

All staff employed come from a variety of childcare backgrounds; these include play workers, childminders, activity play centres, Montessori nursery, Pre-school assistants, crche assistants and crche supervisors, holiday play schemes, classroom assistant and NCH Society. All have completed a 12 hour First Aid Course; have experience in Child protection Training and Behaviour management training.  All staff is continuing with the Professional Development through further training.

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What Activities Do We Provide

The children who come to our club are the first consideration when planning all our play opportunities and they are regularly consulted regarding their views and ideas. A weekly programme of activities is displayed on the notice board and we endeavour to make this as varied as possible. Such activities include Art & Craft, modelling, baking, games, quizzes, themes, festivals, ball games, outdoor play (weather permitting), stories, books, TV and video. All activities are planned to be appropriate to the different ages and stages of development of the children, we take children in to the Kingfisher Kids Club from age 4 -12 years. A drink and healthy snack is provided during each session and we feel snack time provides an opportunity for developing social skills, sharing and encouraging communication.

Kingfisher Kids Club

Kingfisher Kids Club Play Area

Kingfisher Kids Club

Kingfisher Kids Club Table Football

Admissions Policy

Under the admissions policy all full time children will be given priority, followed by those requiring a part-time place. In the event of a waiting list the same rules apply. Ad hoc places are available when space permits.

Partnership between Parents and Staff

Developing partnerships with parents and carers is essential to the quality and development of the service. Kingfisher Kids Club staff will provide as much information as possible about the services we provide.

Kingfisher Kids Club Parent Information Board

Kingfisher Kids Club Parent Information Board

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Contact Name:
Sally Lee

01692 405555

Mobile Number:

South Rise
North Walsham
NR28 0EE

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