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Here at Natures Cuddles we believe that every purchase is a treat so we send each item in an organza gift bag.  We stock good quality toys and clothing that is made to last!  Our skin care range is 100% organic unlike some highstreet brands so it is kind to skin and on nature.

We choose organic cotton baby clothes because they are manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals. This means that, while in the manufacturing process, the clothes will not be subjected to dyes or bleaches, nor will they be sprayed with formaldehyde to preserve their "fresh look" before shipping.  

Babies skin is far more sensitive than adults; we all know that. But when you're choosing baby clothing, you also have to account for their continued respiratory development. Since non-organic fibers are often treated with pesticides, we would argue that organic baby clothes are the only way to go.  Did you know that most people suffering from skin allergies and sensitive skin can wear organic fabrics with little or no side effects?

Our toys are educational and stimulating for your child, we take great pride in selecting only the best toys for our website from the best suppliers, they are safe toys with green and eco-friendly credentials and they are all ethically sourced.  

We believe that toys should be fun, stimulating and safe for children and on nature. 




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