North Walsham & District Cats Protection - North Walsham Guide is created in North Walsham for North Walsham.

North Walsham Guide

North Walsham & District Cats Protection

North Walsham & District Cats Protection

What we do

1. To rescue stray and unwanted cats and kittens and rehabilitate and re-home them where possible. Our branch will not take feral cats into care but are prepared to help with food in certain circumstances. We can take kittens up to about 10 weeks old providing we have space for them. We will with head office assistance provide help with neutering colonies.
2. To encourage the neutering of all cats and kittens not required for breeding. Vouchers are available for people on benefits 26 for females 20 for males.
3. To inform the public about the care of cats and kittens. Cats Protection has a wide range of leaflets available giving valuable information on cat care, health and other problems. Most of these are available at our major fund raising events or can be downloaded free from the link above.

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