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NutriHeal (Nutritional Therapy)

NutriHeal (Nutritional Therapy)

Although established in 2002, NutriHeal has many more years experience in nutrition as it has been involved in this field in different ways for over 35 years. The focus now is on providing full therapy by personal consultations (including laboratory testing if required) for the drugless prevention or treatment of most illnesses and diseases. Online Consultations are also available to extend the service to those living further afield and even worldwide. The partnership is based in North Walsham and covers a large surrounding area.

With mainly home visits at suitable times by qualified and insured staff, the company provides professional diagnosis / therapy to its clients. The service is designed to establish current nutritional needs, taking into account many factors, enabling the natural combat of disease and a long and healthy life. Weight loss is usually experienced due to the improved diet / lifestyle implemented but stand alone weight loss programmes are also available.

Complementing the consultations, NutriHeal are also independent distributors for Forever Living Products, the world's number one Aloe Vera grower and bee keeper. Available only from distributors, the products are suitable for the whole family (including pets). Usually taking them is an alternative to taking any other supplements and will provide enhanced health, fitness and well being. (Always wanted, self motivated independent distributors of Aloe Vera products. Full training and backup available).

The partnership is run by Nigel and Luz Clarke who have been focusing on Nutritional Therapy for many years. Having studied in the UK and Colombia, they are adequately trained and fully insured to run the company and provide a professional service. Luz was a specialist trained in coronary care and Nigel has a BSc (Hons) in Nutritional Sciences and a further diploma in Nutrition.

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Nigel Clarke

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