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Pillowscapes Unique Pillows

Pillowscapes Unique Pillows

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We sell four distinctly unique pillows: 

The Bean Pillow – a handmade double-height pillow formed into a unique and flexible bean shape. These pillows are filled to achieve a medium-firm comfortlevel.

The Bow - A handmade dual-height pillowed formed from three filled compartments. The central compartment is thinner than the remainder of the pillow.
The Peak - A handmade upright pillow. It is formed into a unique triangular shape to provide extra pillow comfort against your headboard.
The Drop - A handmade double-height pillow – formed into a unique tapered shape. The pillow is filled to achieve a medium firmness comfort level.

All pillows have an anti-allergenic, hollow conjugated polyester filling and a 100% cotton-twill shell.

Made in Great Britain. Established 2016. All designs are subject to European Design Protection.

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Contact Name:
Charlotte Godden

01263 663209

North Walsham Road
NR28 0PH

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