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the Fairy DogLover

The Fairy Doglover


The fairy doglover is a fully insured and registered business. 10 years experience in Dog handling and behaviour.

Offering low cost Dog walking, (group or individual) pet sitting and behaviour modification Training.

Working late ?
Away for the day?
Does your dog get bored and lonely with nothing to do?
Unable to walk your dog because of health reasons?
Or would you dog like the company of other dogs,freedom to run,and socialise on a group walkies!?
Let me make your dogs day,give her/him the daily exercise she or he needs.

We can provide dog walking/socialisation and company when you are unable to, and we pick them up and drop them off in our fully insured pet taxi.

I can also transport you and your pet safely to the vets,late notice no problem.

Get in touch for a reliable and Friendly Service!  CALL    077636   77019 or 01692 400886

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