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yourCARWORKSHOP is a fully-equipped DIY self-service garage workshop for hire to the DIY car enthusiast and professional. The workshop is equipped with a full-height hydraulic lift, air compressor and a wide range of tools available included in the hire. Full internet access is provided onsite.

From an oil and filter change, a quick check on a car you are buying or a complete engine change over a week-end.  yourCARWORKSHOP provides the solution to make the job safe and quick, plus huge savings on garage bills.. Our workshop has a high roof and full-height hydraulic lift, enabling you to work on, in or under your car, day or night.

 Located in North Walsham, Norfolk, the workshop is available for hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our prices are just ?ú10p/h-(min-?ú20)

You can make a booking online, or call us  on 01692 538060 

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Contact Name:
Kelvin Rumsby

01692 538060

1B Stanford Tuck Road
NR28 0TY

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