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My family were farmers in Swafield and other villages around N Walsham for years - would love to get in touch with anyone who can provide more history and also info on Rounce and Wortley which I think was started by them - thank you best regards Jim Wortley
Message added by: Jim on 26 Mar 2010

Just testing the guestbook is working OK again, we had a couple of reports that there had been some problems. It all seems fine, please let us know if you experience any further difficulty with this page. Thanks.
Message added by: Wayne on 26 Feb 2010

I live in Melbourne, Australia and my ancestors came to Oz in 1912. I have traced my mother's family LARNER back to North Walsham. SAMUAL LARNER is my GGGG Grandfather and he was a builder in North Walsham who moved to Winterton on Sea. He was married to Amelia and had 10 children. I believe Samual's father to be THOMAS born 1751. Married to Sarah Helsden in 1777. I would appreciate any information about either Thomas or Samual or indeed any Larners who may have come from or live in North Walsham, Thankyou, Jenny Bunn.
Message added by: Jenny Bunn on 18 Jan 2010

Just to add to message below - i think the couple I stayed with the man's name was Herbert not Hubert. I also remember working with a man called Derek at Smedley's - he would have been in his forties or fifties then in 1972 and a pretty blond girl called Debbie - she would have been about 18 then. Be really nice if anyone remembers any of the places or people I can recall.
Message added by: Do McConnell on 17 Jan 2010

Don't ask me why I chanced to look up your website and write to you but you might find this of interest. I worked for a summer in 1972 in Smedley's factory in North Walsham before going to university. Smedleys produced canned vegetables and fruits. I worked for two months July and August and stayed at the Angel Hotel with other girls my age and then I went away and came back mid-september for a further month. I stayed with a Mr and Mrs Sayers - they would have been in their mid - late twenties then and I can't recall any children then. They lived in a modern house for the time. Mr Sayers first name was Hubert and I remember he had very curly hair. I don't remember Mrs Sayers first name. They were very nice people with a great sense of humour and I felt at home with them. With my workmates I would go to the Feathers Hotel quite a lot and the Mucky Duck (black swan). I only remember the names of a few local people I worked with -Alistair Sinclair was one - his mother the writer Olga Sinclair and a Mr Plummer was on the management of the factory. I also remember going to a cafe/restaurant sometimes on a Sunday afternoon - it was on a corner site and was called The Copper Kettle or the Singing Kettle - something kettle. North Walsham was really nice but much smaller I think then - very much more a village than a town.
Message added by: Do McConnell on 16 Jan 2010

Hi Tony, I have now made a page on the North Walsham Guide for Cinemas in the town, it's in the 'North Walsham History' section. As yet the information is sparse but I intend to expand on it at the weekend as I have an other source to follow up! If anybody has any other ideas for things they'd like to see on the website then please let us know.
Message added by: Wayne on 13 Jan 2010

what a treasurechest! i used to live in north walsham and i found this site very very interesting. keep up the good work!!!!
Message added by: Dom on 11 Jan 2010

There appears to be no mention of cinemas in your website. I understand North Walsham had it's own cinema back in the seventies. Does anyone remember this?
Message added by: Tony on 11 Jan 2010

hi, wicked site! north walsham rules!!! hope theres more content coming soon, from biggest north walsham fan! (jordan)
Message added by: jordan on 07 Jan 2010

that was done by one of the guys who created the site.
Message added by: daryl on 04 Dec 2009

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