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Cool Site! Who did the doodle at the top?
Message added by: Matt on 03 Dec 2009

Message added by: Daryl on 14 Oct 2009

Hi, Can anyone help me. I'm trying to find out if there was an old graveyard and/or old hospital in North Walsham where new houses have been built.
Message added by: Gwen Plummer on 08 Jul 2009

If you are in need of a sports or relaxing massage I would certainly recommend Gill Hoyes in Mundesley. she sorted out my aches and pains recently. You'll find her at the medical centre in Mundesley. Definately worth the drive.
Message added by: Millie May on 01 Jul 2009

HI Paul here 40 and Sarah 37 about to move to N Walsham and looking for some company. Paul is a down to earth professional with liberal political views and love a pint and a laugh. Sarah looks after me and is great fun. Looking for mates who are down to earth, like a laugh, dont get the hump and are not too weird
Message added by: Paul N Sarah on 08 Jun 2009

Hello ! My friend Phyllis Bamattre lived in North Walsham and was chosen at school to meet princess marie louise. She is old and sick but I would dearly like to find out about the day of the opening of the cottage hospital for her. with thanks
Message added by: vanessa on 09 Jan 2009

I am Spanish and the last month, I was in North Walsham in my holidays, I was eatinng in the pub Bluebell and wished to have a photography of this pub of landlord Terry Miller. Where I can obtain it? Thank you very much. Gretting from Spain Manolo
Message added by: Manolo Dominguez on 22 Aug 2008

Hi we are about to move to north walsham.I am looking for a YOGA CLASS please,any info would be appreciated
Message added by: susan on 13 May 2008

I have tried th red dragon food van on the cromer road and highly recommend it , give it a try.
Message added by: holly on 12 Jan 2008

Hi everyone! I am looking for local musicians who are interested in starting a function group. can talk in more depth if you contact me on 07787894239 many thanks Louisa
Message added by: Louisa on 07 Jan 2008

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