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North Walsham Shopping Times - edition 41

North Walsham Shopping Times - Summer 1997

Please be aware this is 'VINTAGE NORTH WALSHAM' and not current information. The following text is from the Summer 1997 Edition (number 41) of the North Walsham Shopping Times.

Shopping Times - Edition 41

Carnival Time again in North Walsham...

...and the Swimming Pool Fund Association Committee have extended the weekend to four days this year. We are commencing proceedings on Thursday 3rd July with a family fun evening on the memorial Park which will include a Firework Display, Line Dancing and a Karaoke.
Friday 4th July will start off in the early evening with a Pram Race with teams from local pubs and hopefully other groups of people who like to have a bit of fun. This will be followed by the Carnival Queen Dance when the competition for the Carnival Queen will be held with live music from Dawg House. Competition entry forms are already being circulated but if you would like to take part and havent an entry form please contact Ellen Grover on 402500.
Saturday 5th July will begin early with a CAR BOOT SALE, entry is only 3 per car so go and have a look in the attic and the garden shed, maybe the youngsters will clear out their toy cupboards and at only 3 a pitch its worth having a go. In the afternoon we shall once again have the Teddy Bears Picnic with old favourite Uncle Razz when we shall be choosing the Carnival Prince and Princess. Saturday Night is the chance for all the young men when we will be choosing the Carnival King at the Saturday Night Dance. Once again if you dont have an entry form please ring Ellen Grover on 402500.
Carnival day itself on Sunday 6th July starts with a Car Boot Sale then at midday the Carnival Parade will follow the familiar route from the Industrial Estate along Mundesley Road through the Market Place and up to the Park where we hope you will all come along and enjoy the various entertainments.
Have you entered a FLOAT in the parade? If not it isnt too late. Just contact Steve Cowley on North Walsham 406783. Remember it doesnt have to be a complicated affair Prams, Bikes, or even a decorated WHEELBARROW will still add to the fun.
l had hoped to be able to tell you some news of the Swimming Pool but although the feasibility study is progressing there is no report yet so consequently there is nothing to tell you other than things are definitely moving and I sincerely hope that we shall have some good news in the near future. FINALLY if you can spare a few hours over the weekend particularly on Sunday, especially with the clearing up we would welcome you with open arms. Looking forward to seeing you ALL on the Park on Sunday 6th July.


I became the Mayor of North Walsham on the 27th May 1997.

First of all I would like to thank my Fellow Councillors and the people of North Walsham for showing sufficient faith to elect me to such an important position. To say I am thrilled by the appointment would be an understatement. I arrived in Norfolk in August of 1968, and if anyone at that time would have suggested that one day I would become the Mayor of North Walsham, I would have found it hard to believe. I have served my apprenticeship and am now proud to be called a Norfolk man, even though I have a Yorkshire accent. From 1968 until 1987 I lived in Mundesley but my wish was always to move to North Walsham. My wish came true in 1987 and since then I have been involved in public affairs of one type or another. Of course my primary duty is to act as chairman of the council and represent the town and the council when and where ever possible.

I am expecting a very busy year and my main aim is to continue to build up a good working relationship between the Town Council, the Business Community and all the organisations within the town.

I and my fellow Town Councillors will do our very best to look after the interests of the Town and the people who live and work here. There is much we can achieve when we work together, and this I am sure we will do.

A good example is the way the Town Centre Improvement Group work closely with property owners in the town centre in regard to flower displays.

The Bluebell Pond May Festival involved the business community and a large number of organisations within our town.

Of course we do, like any other town, have problems. I and my fellow councillors will work hard to try and solve them. And finally I promise to keep you all informed of Town Council activities.

Roy Haynes.

North Walsham Chamber of Trade

As we approach what is, for many of our traders, the busiest period of the year we must all ensure that we continue to offer the best quality service to our customers. The past twelve months has seen additional business people with the confidence to invest in North Walsham. One of the remaining vacant shop premises in the Market Place should soon be open for business serving the town.
In an effort to ensure the decision of the North Norfolk District Council to increase car parking charges is reversed as soon as possible, we have joined forces with other North Norfolk Chambers to increase the strength of our protest.
In their wisdom, the powers that be at the NNDC have formed yet another group whose brief, along with those already in existence, appears to be to continue to report what others have already said North Walsham is a declining town and needs.. Each of our members could have written any one of these reports - our town does not need another committee making statements - areas of concern have been identified for years - this latest improvement group appear to have available funds - it will be interesting to learn how much of this is earmarked for North Walsham!

Car parking charges rose following the Healthy Town Centre report - a further Improvement group comes into being and our only free car park displays a notice 40 fine after 2 hours. Another detrimental step, not only for those using the towns facilities and those employed in the town but also for residents on the fringe of the town centre where access to their homes is already restricted by parked vehicles. Inevitably yellow lines will creep further and further into residential areas as the Highways Department are forced to ease congestion. The late Peter Rayna spent years championing the towns car parking problems - what better memorial than to surface and retain the freedom of the Mundesley Road Car Park!
From the Chambers stand point a sensible level of business rates, 2 hours free car parking for town centre shoppers, free winter parking, improved signposting to prevent unnecessary heavy vehicles finding themselves in the Market Place and insistence that the horrendous problems with the drains in Market Street are addressed and an immediate solution found, would go a long way to enhancing the health of the town.
The town will soon be ablaze with colour - an excellent number of traders will display hanging baskets and we can expect increased activity in the town during Carnival Week.
Organisation for the Christmas Street Fair is in hand. Several bookings from charities and local organisations have already been made and we are currently looking at ways in which to further improve the towns Christmas Lights.
Despite all the talk of a declining town centre, too many offices occupying former retail shops and lack of choice North Walsham is, in fact, faring rather better than most small towns - it is up to us all to give our customers exactly what they need in a friendly and helpful way. Remember, if we do not look after our customers, someone else will.
Cilla Quittenden


Two popular North Walsham shops are joining forces from July 1st. Creations (formerly in Mitre Tavern Yard) is moving in with Masons Footwear in Church Street (at the junction with Hall Lane). Sylvia Wells (Masons) and Caroline Settle (Creations) are confident this will be to the advantage of all their customers.
Creations is known for its unusual range of childrenswear and gifts, many of which are handmade. Caroline Settle says my customers come to me because they know they can find something different which is good quality at affordable prices in a child friendly environment. I stock babywear, including Christening outfits, premature baby clothes and accessories, childrenswear much of which is unique (I rarely make the same thing twice) and unusual gifts for all ages including handframed pictures and traditional toys. I shall be continuing with all this in Church Street but with the advantages of being on one level and in a more convenient position. Creations will continue with the popular fashion shows which help raise money for local causes.
Masons is one of North Walshams most established businesses, like Creations the emphasis is on quality and service. Masons will continue to stock Clarks, K and other quality brands of shoes for ladies, gents and of course, children. All Masons staff are fully trained Clarks fitters and they understand the importance of correctly fitted shoes for growing feet. Sylvia Wells has built up a reputation for dealing sympathetically with the elderly and their specialist foot problems. So from babies first shoes until the last pair, Masons can offer you comfort. Sylvia Wells says we shall continue to give all our customers the same service. We shall be changing the look of the shop, bringing it more up-to-date but the quality is traditional!
Visit Creations and Masons Footwear in  Church Street, theres something for everyone.


North Walsham St John Ambulance would like to thank the people of North Walsham for supporting the cake stall outside St Johns HQ on 27th March. 35.85 was raised towards the North Walsham St Johns Committee Fund.
Also a big thank you to everyone who attended the Ragshow Fashion Show at North Walsham Junior School on Tuesday 20th May. 128 was raised in aid of North Walsham St Johns Badgers.


The Tele-Centre in St. Nicholas Court in North Walsham are now celebrating their first year in the town. We are not getting quite so many people coming in now saying they did not know we were here says Ian Lane who owns the business. We have a motto in the shop We are not here to be difficult, and we have tried very hard to give a good service, and I am always out in the evening collecting and delivering sets.
As from the 1st of July the Tele Centre will become a Limited Company with Engineer Mike Kirby becoming a Director as well as Ians wife Marion. As from the 1st of July also, they shall be employing a trainee engineer in a further attempt to keep up with the workload.
Channel 5 is still causing a lot of problems in the town as some people are unable to tune to it while their neighbours are getting near perfect reception. However those people who have a satellite installation which is Astra 1 D compatible can tune into channel 5 on frequency 10.921 GHz Horizontal, for the usual satellite quality picture. As for the future the centre are trying to improve the turnround time on repairs whilst keeping the prices as low as they can.

Top Shop
BREAK Charitys shop in North Walsham has achieved the top shop place for the fourth year running.
Manager Pat Knight and her team of volunteer staff are delighted and would like to thank all their loyal customers for their support throughout the year.
North Walsham branch record profits were the highest out of the 25 BREAK shops throughout East Anglia and the West Country.
The shop, which is situated at 2 Market Place, now stocks a wide selection of furniture in addition to clothing, books and bric-a-brac.
Volunteers are urgently needed - anyone who can spare a morning or afternoon a week and would like to join a friendly team helping with all aspects of charity shop work should call into the shop or contact Pat Knight on 01692 402336.
BREAKs charity shops provide vital income for the Charitys two holiday care facilities in Norfolk, which between them provide holidays for over 1,000 guests every year.

ROGER HANNANT MOTOR SERVICES moved in mid April to its permanent site at Midland Road, North Walsham, Where the first stage of groundworks have been completed to enable the sale and display of used cars and vans. Also, in progress is the building of a 3 bay workshop with offices, due for completion in July 1997.
The Business is owned and run by Roger Hannant with his father, David, as Consultant. Both Roger and David have vast experience in the Motor Trade. David having been a Director of Hannants Garage Limited for 35 years and Roger, after gaining his Motor Engineering qualifications, was also with Hannants Garage, and on the sale of the premises to Somerfields, was holding the position of Sales Manager.
ROGER HANNANT MOTOR SERVICES aims to provide a comprehensive professional service to supply late date cars specialising in Fords and Rovers. Mostly P or N to order at excellent prices compared to new price. Either car or vans are available together with a selection to view of fully prepared, serviced and warranted used vehicles.
Services include: Servicing and Repairs, Car Valeting, Paint Chip Repairs, Removal of Dings and Dents from Body Panels, Towbar Fitting, Licensed Credit Broker enabling the facility to offer Contract Hire, Lease, Personal Contract Plans or HP Finance.
The Business will aim to provide the highest service at reasonable prices.

Self-assessment is a new way of paying tax, although the amount of tax paid will remain the same. It will directly affect about nine million people, including the self employed, but some changes will affect everyone. Since April 1996, all taxpayers have been legally obliged to keep records of income and capital gains: these must be kept for two years after the end of the relevant tax year. The tax year runs from April 6th to April 5th in the following year. The self-employed have to keep detailed records of their business for five years, including receipts, bank statements and invoices.
The basic change is that everyone who usually completes a tax return must now assess their own income and supply accurate figures on their tax return. Any estimated figures will have to be justified to the tax office. The new tax return incorporates a main form plus one or more other forms called schedules, which relate to individual circumstances, and covers all sources of income, capital gains, tax reliefs, deductions and allowances.
The amount of tax you pay is based directly on the figures given on the return. There are three ways of working out how much it will be: you can calculate it yourself, ask an accountant or financial adviser to do it, or ask the Inland Revenue to work it out. Depending on which option you choose, there are different deadlines for completing returns. If you work out the tax yourself, or have an accountant or adviser do it, the return must be sent in by 31st January, but if you want the Inland Revenue to calculate the tax, the return must be in by 30th September, the tax being payable the following January. If you have recently become self-employed and have not filled in a tax return before, you must tell the Inland Revenue no later than 5th October, and they will send you a return.
There are strict penalties to enforce these deadlines If your return is not in by 31st January, there is a fine of 100, with a further 100 if the return is not in six months later. You may also be charged interest on the amount of tax owed.
Under the new system, you will be sent a statement showing what you have paid and what you owe, The first self-assessment payments were due on 31st January 1997. If 31st January falls at a weekend, the tax must be received by the Inland Revenue on the previous Friday if interest payments are to be avoided.
There is a further change for the self-employed in that tax is now paid on profits made in the current year, i.e. in the year in which you receive them, rather than in the previous year as used to be the case.

Change of name
Anyone can change his or her name at any time, as long as it is not done with the intention to deceive or defraud. It is simply a matter of starting to use the new name and informing people of the change. There is no need to go through any legal procedure, although it may be necessary in some circumstances, for example when applying for a passport, to produce some evidence of the change. Sometimes a letter from a responsible person such as your GP will be enough, but it may be necessary to produce a statutory declaration or deed poll.
Where parents part company and form new relationships, they often wish to change their childrens surnames. This can be done without the other parents consent if there is no residence, care or custody order in force, but the other parent may well object to any change and could go to court to try and prevent it. The court will consider what would be in the childs best interests, both in the long and the short term, including the social implications of the change of name, and the importance of retaining the existing name, for example to maintain contact with the other parent. In practice, courts are reluctant to agree to a childs name being changed without both parents consent, unless there are exceptional circumstances, even if older children wish to change their name.
Once someones name has been changed, the new name can be used for all purposes, but their name on their birth certificate can only be changed in very limited circumstances.
If you would like further information or help with these or any other problems, please contact North Walsham Citizens Advice Bureau in the Portakabin in the Council Office yard, New Road, North Walsham, telephone 01692 402570. Bureau opening hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10.00am to 3.00pm. An answerphone operates outside opening hours. No appointment is necessary unless you wish to see one of our debt or employment specialists.


North Walsham SPLASH (Schools, Police Liaison Activities in School Holidays) takes place this year from Monday, 11th August to Friday, 15th August 1997 and will be again based at North Walsham Sports Centre.
There will be over 50 activities, ranging from sailing and go carting to a Silly Olympics.
SPLASH programmes are available and registration instructions will be published therein.
If interested, phone the SPLASH office on 01692 401055.


Jackie, Sharon and Karen all have Interflora Diplomas, and attend as many Interflora meetings as they can, to keep up with the latest trends and techniques and to meet other members. As well as taking part in competitions, they also give demonstrations, so if you want to know how its done, they can show you. The best way to see what they can do, however, is to visit the shop, which is one of the most colourful in town and is practically bursting at the seams with beautiful flowers of all colours and types, floral sundries, soft toys, garden ornaments and helium balloons. All tastes are catered for in what is probably the largest selection of flowers in North Walsham, and the range of over 100 silk and dried flower arrangements made up for sale is one of the biggest in East Anglia. Whatever the occassion, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, funeral tributes, flowers for your wedding to full floral packages including flowers for the church marquee receptions, etc.

Local trio, Dawg House, who play the North Walsham carnival this year on Friday evening, July 4th in the marquee on the Memorial Park are celebrating their first CD album release. The outfit have been playing solidly since April 1993 both locally and across the country including two appearances on Radio Norfolk and recordings released on compilation albums from Rockhouse of Holland and East Anglian based Totally Wired along with a single release in Germany on Dynamite. Baz Mungham on Slap Bass, Dale Beauchamp on Guitar and Wayne Beauchamp on Drums play a mix of traditional 1950s style rock n roll together with songs from the British, late 70s/early 80s rockabilly revival era (Stray Cats/Matchbox, etc.) and self penned numbers taken from their album.
The CD called Saturday night in the Dawg House is planned for release at the end of June on the Bone Tone label from Cleveland and was recorded at Purple studios in Norwich, featuring 14 original songs.

Drop in basic skills support

Brush up your spelling, Write a CV, get to grips with grams and litres, try out a computer, improve your letters, find out about other courses.
Mondays 6.00pm to 7.30pm, Tuesdays 1.30pm to 3.30pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm. All classes are free.
Room 109, Paston College, Grammar School Road, North Walsham NR28 9JL. Telephone (01692) 407526