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The Friends of Friesenried is a well established jewel in the North Walsham Crown. Created in 1981 and formalised in 1991 with the signing of Twinning Oaths we are now beginning our fifth decade. Visits to Germany/Friesenried in Bavaria take place every two years and in between the Friesenrieders come to North Walsham, so in fact an annual visit in one direction or the other takes place.
Social events and a visit programme are organised by both groups and staying in members homes has created many lasting friendships. 
There is a lot more that I could write here but why not find out for yourselves. We are a very friendly group and welcome new members, the life blood of all clubs and associations. Why not come along for a "test drive".
For more information/membership details please call:- Steve 01953 607119


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Contact Name:
Stephen Wolstenholme

01953 607119

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North Walsham
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