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I have recently stated an account but when I try to log in nothing happens. Have you cut and pasted the password into the password box from your e-mail. Sometimes an 'O' can look like a '0' (One is a capital O, for Orange, the other is a zero) or an I can look like an l (ones a lower case L and the other an upper case i) if you cut and paste then this wont happen. Everything must be in exactly the same upper and lower case to work, this is to make your account more secure.
Otherwise you have cookies blocked on your web browser. (  In Microsoft Internet Explorer go to the Tools Menu, select Internet Options then the Privacy tab. In the Settings box click Advanced and make sure that you are not blocking cookies. Press the OKs antil youre back at the browser.
The admin must have cookies available to work.
If you still have problems then please contact us.
How much does it cost to advertise on the North Walsham Guide? We do not sell advertising on the North Walsham Guide. The Website is ran purely as a service to the community because we're part of it too and in a great position to offer this site for free. To be honest, it's great to have a project like this to test out all out ideas!
I want to add a comment to the message board but don't want my e-mail address all over the internet. That's cool, we know what you mean! Putting your e-mail all over the internet can attract spam as spam gathering robots work similar to search engines as the trawl the web looking for valid e-mail addresses on websites.
 If you add a review we have to ask you to enter your e-mail address so the site can automatically verify your contribution. If we didn't do this then we know from bitter experience that somebody with an axe to grind will write miles of offensive reviews about bands they don't like or are competition to them ;-) Once you have submitted a review the confirmation will be e-mailed directly to the e-mail you have supplied. If it's OK then click the link in the e-mail and it'll go live. Your e-mail will not be used for anything else. It will not appear on the review, just your name. There will be no e-mail anywhere for spam robots to gather up.
Who takes responsibility for the information on this site? The people who write it! We just give them the place to write it. If there is anything on the site, anywhere, that causes offence then let us know, we will take it down if your request is reasonable. Apart from that we will not take responsibility for anything else you may read, after all this is all free and we've got lives too!
Can I have a link on this website? Yep, if it's relevant then just send it to us via our 'contact us' form with a short description and the address to link to.
Can you design us a custom website? Yes, just contact us.
Our photo is just a blur but others have great big clear pictures  so what is their secret?? I use Photoshop but photo paint, gimp and other image software is perfectly capable. You just open the original, set it to the correct pixels wide in the size option and save it. The image must be in RGB format and never increase the size in this sort of software. If you reduce the picture too much you will need to open the original image again and start afresh because the detail you lose when making the image small cannot be added back in just by increasing the image size. Working with GIF files will not allow the software to smooth over the edges when changing size as they are not in RGB format. Resizing the image in the edit box of the website will also distort the image, always upload the image at the size you wish to use it for best results. When saving an image in Photoshop or similar use the JPEG format but pay attention to the quality setting, JPEGs can be balanced between file size ( low for quick loading ) and the picture quality ( high for great quality ).
How do I set up an account for my business or organisation? Go to the Create Account link (under My Account in the top menu). You will be asked for your business/organisations name, your name, your e-mail address and to choose the section of the directory you wish to be listed under. Fill these in and press Submit. You will be sent via e-mail your username and password to use your account with. To start working on you page you will need to log in. Click LOG IN HERE in the left hand column which brings up the log in page. Enter your username and password you were sent in the e-mail making sure they are EXACTLY the same as sent in your email. Its a good idea to copy and paste them from your e-mail into the boxes on the web page. Click Log In and as long as you typed the details correctly you are now in your own account to start adding stuff. From here you can make your page, add your website link (if you already have one) change your password to something easier to remember, etc. Just have a poke around and see whats available. Make sure you press the "Update Details" button at the bottom of the page once you have made the changes on this page so the site knows you want to keep these changes.