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Pollarding reduces the overall size and shape of a tree by a given percentage. This is used to keep the tree healthy and also to bring unruly shaped trees into more pleasing shapes. It is not aesthetically pleasing initially and can only be carried out on certain species of tree. This is an extreme type of tree surgery and requires regular upkeep.


This reduces the size of a tree and allows more light through to shaded areas. Compared to topping, this helps to maintain the form of the tree.


This is the selective removal of branches in order to increase the light and air movement through the crown. Thinning opens the foliage of a tree and reduces weight on heavy limbs without compromising the tree's natural shape.


This removes the lower branches from a tree in order to provide clearance for buildings, vehicles and pedestrians.


This is the removal of all dead, deceased and dying branches. It makes the tree more aesthetically pleasing and reduces the risk of dead branches dropping.


This is the total removal of a tree - although depending on the species, the tree may grow back unless the stump is treated or removed.


This is the total removal of a tree within a confined space using lowering equipment where necessary.


All shapes and sizes of hedges trimmed and shaped as required. We also offer a regular hedge trimming maintenance service - please ask for details.


Stumps can be ground down to below ground level using one of our mechanical stump grinders.



We can supply woodchip in two different sizes. You can select from delivery by the truckload or our transit load which is twice the amount of wood as in the truck.



We can supply firewood in two different sizes. You can select from delivery by the truckload or our transit load which is twice the amount of wood as in the truck.

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