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Used to work at Harmer & Scott Garage and went to Edwards Bakery next door every morning for our cheese rolls
Message added by: Rosemary on 15 Jun 2013

I work for the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service- Youth Development Team in North Walsham. We deliver a Princes Trust Team Programme 3 times a year, for unemployed 18 to 24 year olds in the area. We recruit from Wroxham, Stalham, North Walsham, Cromer and Sheringham. Unfortunately we had all our laptops stolen from our team room, at the NW Rugby Club. The insurance did not pay out as they said we had not made clear the "type" of young people that we work with! The laptops are an essential part of the course, as we use them for job searching, application forms, C.V.s as well as the course work. So we are asking if there is any way the Lions Club may be able to help us in supporting the young people in this area? Many thanks for taking the time to read this and if you need any more information, please contact me.
Message added by: Mike Pepperell on 12 Mar 2013

I am coming up to North Walsham on 4th March specifically to look around the residential areas. I am retiring in May and plan to move there once my house in Watford sells. Looking forward to the move to Norfolk very much.
Message added by: Valerie on 19 Feb 2013

I am so happy to have found this site, as we are soon moving to North Walsham from a London suburb, and cant wait :) I was concerned that someone said the town centre was a dirty, pigeon fouled place, as it doesnt look like that on recent visits? We are looking forward to the move, and hoping to meet and make new friends :)
Message added by: Linda Ward on 18 Feb 2013

Good day to all the folk interested in this brilliant North Walsham site. I was born early 1962 and lived on a remote farm out on the Skeyton Road which led to Felmingham Heath, We were miles from the nearest shop and the school bus picked us up each day. The closest house to us was still quite a way away and was Cullings Riding Stables., this was delightful, I was allowed to help there and ride for free. My father had land at the farm which he rented out to Donkey owners and after school I would hop on a Donkey and have my 'Own Donkey Derbies' Such a freedom that my own children know very little about! What memories! Some of my family still live in North Walsham but I moved in the 80's to start a career in Norwich. There have been a few times when I have visited my old haunts and shed a tear or two. Love to all North Walshamites.
Message added by: Margaret Catchpole (Nee Cossey!) on 13 Feb 2013

FREE EVENT FOR YOUNG PEOPLE DURING HALF TERM. Inspire Young People free half term event Monday 18th February. 10.30am - 2.30pm at North Walsham Community Centre. Come and try new activities! Mask making, phone photographic competition, bug trail and nature quiz, hula hooping, stress ball making and lots more! For more information contact Jess on or 01603 819135.
Message added by: Jess on 11 Feb 2013

Any craft fairs coming up in North Walsham soon?
Message added by: JuneD on 08 Jan 2013

Brilliant site, informative and interesting, gives a good insight for people considering moving to the area, keep up the good work.
Message added by: Susan Strachan on 05 Aug 2012

I am looking for self catering accomodation in North Walsham within walking distance of the town centre. So far I have found B&Bs in the town or cottages in the outlying villages. Any help most appreciated.
Message added by: Valerie Johnson on 18 Jul 2012

Just passing through, thinking of moving to North Walsham from Sweden next year and this site has really helped so Thanks.
Message added by: Merty Robinson on 30 Jun 2012

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