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To all those involved in the Town council or market, to save me some time, is it possible that someone could please ask/ warn the Market 'mannager' (?), that this Thursday lunch time (12.15 -12.45 max), we will be filming in the market square? I will attempt to round up as large a crowd as is possible to watch Roy Davenport levitate someone and then will request in unison they all shout 'NORTH WALSHAM!' The idea is to demonstrate the spirit of NWs community and the potential for community engagement. Thank you, as time is in extremely short measure for this. ALSO, if anyone can be there or encourage as many other people as possible to attend, it would help tremendously in boosting numbers and your support would be deeply appreciated.
Message added by: David on 22 Mar 2012

I am trying to trace whereabouts of children's home which I think was in North Walsham. It was where my mother-in-law was sent with her siblings in 1912 after the death of her mother in Ludham.
Message added by: Mrs Mary Redgwell on 19 Feb 2012

Hi Mary, it might be worth contacting the owners of the website: as they know a lot about the history of the town.
Message added by: Wayne on 19 Feb 2012

Support for young people with disabilities and youth clubs If you run a youth club in the North or North East Norfolk area and would like to run activities for young people with disabilities we can offer support. Or if you have a disability and are aged between 6 and 25 and are looking for leisure activities to join, wed like to hear from you! We can: support the club to do activities that everyone can enjoy help you join the club and check that youre happy there help you find a club to join and make new friends there provide grants to help you start a new group or for activities Momentum is a charity helping local groups with training, advice, grants and development. Our services are free to individuals. Groups pay 30 per year membership. Loads of great training for groups and individuals is available on our website, at Call the Momentum office on 01603 263209 or email Liz directly at
Message added by: Liz on 17 Feb 2012

Please could you help to locate an ex WRAF who worked at RAF Hospital Ely between 1968-1975 named UNA. She emigrated to Australia and came back a few weeks later Please ring 01353778568 thanks.
Message added by: J.FITCH on 04 Dec 2011

I'm trying to find any information about and/or pictures of Scarburgh House in North Walsham. Not the Scarborough Hill County House, but the house that is noted on this site for having an historical plaque. Can anyone out there help? Thanks.
Message added by: Sandra Derrick on 30 Nov 2011

we have seen on 'coast' that north walsham had a Y-station during the 2nd WW. does anyone have any information about this? Thanks
Message added by: Rosy Watson on 03 Oct 2011

During a property search I recently saw that "House of Hobbies" is on sale. I just wanted to voice the opinion that the loss of Julie Cameron and Sharon ? will be a great loss to the town and surrounding area especially, of course, to their customers. What a shame.
Message added by: Jelen Howys on 30 Sep 2011

At last a great North Walsham page welldone
Message added by: shaun marshall on 24 Aug 2011

Thanks Shaun!
Message added by: Wayne on 24 Aug 2011

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