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I remember the chip shop where The Carpenter's Arms is now very well. Best part of Edwards was the shop on Grammar School Road/Norwich Road which was great for buying sweets on the way home from school back in the late seventies/early eighties. Apparently the chip shop next to The Angel was "Anne's Fish Bar" but I don't remember it at all.
Message added by: Wayne on 11 Oct 2010

Hi There used to be 2 chip shops in 'ol Walsham'. One was was run by Annie something near to the Angel pub and the other was in what is now The Carpenters Arms opposite what was once the girls high school. Anyone remember 'Rackstraws'?!
Message added by: janie on 28 Sep 2010

Anyone remember Edwards bakery? Those were the days.
Message added by: Janie on 28 Sep 2010

For the person below and anyone who is interested we've have had some new information through regarding Pigney's Wood. We asked the gentleman that currently looks after the area. He said he does not know but has an old map of the area. He said the area used to be called "Pigneys Field". So we can only assume that someone "Pigney" possibly a farmer owned the land? If anyone can add to this information please do. Thanks Daryl North Walsham Guide.
Message added by: Admin on 09 Sep 2010

why is it called pigney wood
Message added by: pigney on 07 Jul 2010

Just moved to NW & just found this site. Brilliant, just what we needed - great site for a great town. Thanks
Message added by: David on 06 Jul 2010

Just seen the North Walsham Guide feature in the May edition of Just North Walsham and I have to say I don't know how Daryl does it for the money ;-)
Message added by: Ralph Sitch on 29 Apr 2010

Hi Andy, Before Roys had the Yarmouth Road store it was Gateway and before that it was FineFare. I can't remember whether it had changed it's name to Somerfield before it eventually moved to Mundesley/Bacton Road and finally became Sainsbury's. before all of those it was the cattle market I believe.
Message added by: Wayne on 27 Mar 2010

Hi Jim, Rounce and Wortley is no longer on Hall Lane. They were took over by Barnwells of Aylsham about ten years ago and finally closed down altogether making way for a children's play facility. I remember going for my first job interview at Rounce and Wortley in 1986!
Message added by: Wayne on 27 Mar 2010

hi there, I grew up in north walsham and I'm just going over old memories with my wife who isn't very well and we were just trying to remember the name of the last couple of owners of the shop on yarmouth road before roys of wroxham took over, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Andy
Message added by: Andy on 26 Mar 2010

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