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Lost North Walsham.

Lost North Walsham.

Many changes have happened to North Walsham over the years, watch this space as we collect info and remember the good old days!

North Walsham Woolworths....

Information on any of the following North Walsham buildings, facilities, etc. would be much appreciated...

The Market Cross Fire Engine.

The Brick Kiln of Lyngate Road.

North Walsham Cinemas.

North Walsham Canning Factory / HP Foods / HL Foods

Crane Fruehauf

Marricks Wire Ropes


Black Cat Garage

Hall Lane Garage

New Road Garage


Harmer and Scott Garage

Griffin Bike shop


Rounce & Wortley

Business, Service and Supplies


Cash Cut

Lin Lams

Do you know any features of North Walsham from the past which have been lost forever which other North Walsham residents or visitors may find interesting. Please contact us with any information or photos, we'd love to share them on this page.