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R Howes and Son

Robert Howes was listed as a wine & Spirit merchant in North Walsham from 1875, his son joined the business prior to 1896 and continued with his father until 1908 when it just became Robert Howes again until 1922.

Here are a few bottles produced by the firm.

Mrs J MacLean

Mrs J MacLean was listed at market place from 1883 as a Bookseller & stationer in North Walsham. In 1890 up until 1892 she was listed as a mineral water manufacturer. The company was taken over by Laurence George MacLean in 1900 and the continued trading past 1933.


This Bottle is from The Cross Keys Hotel, North Walsham.
John Lindo was in the Cross Keys Hotel at Market Place North Walsham from 1839 - 1858.
If you have any more information on the Cross Keys Hotel, North Walsham, Please get in touch!
Porter Merchant 1845 Whites Directory also 1839 - 1845 King's Arms
Norfolk Bottles thinks there is actually a spelling mistake on this bottle and should actually read W. Shipley. W. Shipley was listed from 1845 up until the Harrod's directory of 1868.
H. Perfect
Kings Arms Hotel
Lambeth Church
North Walsham and Cromer

Henry Perfect was a farmer of 25 acres and wine merchant. 1881 - 1892

Here are a few others from Norfolk Bottles' collection

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