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Back in Motion Physiotherapy

Back in Motion Physiotherapy

Back in Motion provides the highest standards of patient care and clinical expertise across a wide range of treatments. All our physiotherapists are professionally qualified and chartered. After a full consultation, patients are given individually tailored treatment and, where appropriate, follow-up exercises to facilitate recovery and encourage healthy living and mobility.

Physiotherapy is used in the treatment of a huge range of conditions including joint, soft tissue, muscle and spinal pain. Whether you are suffering from on-going back problems, recovering from recent surgery or simply looking to get more out of life, call us today on 01692 501184 to see how Back in Motion can help you regain your fitness and restore your quality of life.    


We offer both Physiotherapy treatments and Clinical Pilates classes at The Atrium in North Walsham.  

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Joint Motivation t/a Back in Motion Physiotherapy

The Atrium, Spenser Avenue, North Walsham NR28 9HZ

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Contact Name:
Gemma Morris

01692 501184

Fax Number:
01692 501184

The Atrium
Spenser Avenue
North Walsham
NR28 9HZ

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