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Bluebird Secure Container Storage

Bluebird Secure Container Storage

Bluebird is a family run business based in North Walsham, Norfolk,which began it's operation in the mid 1980's providing services to the North Sea Oil and Gas industries.Those services expanded over the years to include Bluebird Secure Container Storage which is now one of the most competitively priced secure container storage sites in North Norfolk. Why worry about storage when North Washam Storage can handle your business storage needs, from files and equipment to furniture or the entire contents of your house/business.


  • Clean Units. So you can move your goods right in.
  • Privacy & Security. Your own space and lock give added protection.
  • Electronic Security/Pest Contol. Protects your belongings.


  • 24 Hour access
  • CCTV camera
  • Credit card facilities
  • Simple storage agreement & move in

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Contact Name:
John Silk


Mobile Number:

Fortune House Laundry Loke Industrial Estate North Walsham Norfolk
NR28 0BD

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