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Friends of Friesenried

Friends of Friesenried

Another jewel in the North Walsham crown is the Twinning Association with its' partnership twin, Friesenried in the beautiful area of Bavaria, Southern Germany,.

Visits to Germany take place bi-annually and in between they visit North Walsham and the surrounding area. During these visits you are hosted by and can also host a family. These have resulted in some very strong friendships being formed.

The visit formats cover many aspects, visits to beautiful towns, historic sites and of course the culture of the areas are explored. The social side is also highly organised with evenings of entertainment featuring in all visits.

The success of our Twinning Association depends of course, on maintaining a healthy membership, open to North Walsham and residents of the surrounding district, if you fancy something completely different, which I can assure you will be great fun and a new experience, then you are invited to apply for membership.

Further information in the form of an "Info pack" is available in the Library or from the Council Offices, New Road, North Walsham via Mrs Margaret Foster (01692) 404114 weekday mornings.

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Contact Name:
Mrs Margeret Foster

01692 404114

Council Offices
New Road
North Walsham
NR28 9DE

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