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North Walsham Guide

North Walsham Library

North Walsham Library


    Monday: 9.30-7.30

    Tuesday: 9.30-5.00

    Wednesday: 9.30-1.00

    Thursday: 9.30-7.30

    Friday: 9.30-5.00

    Saturday: 9.30-1.00


    Books for loan - information, education, leisure

    LARGE PRINT books

    Books on tape

    Language courses on tape

    Information service

    Community Information

    Book request service

    Self Service


    Computer Games DS & Wii formats

    Recorded Music

    Internet Access (free)

    Colour printer/photocopier

    Public car park nearby

Council@your library

If you have any questions about local services, our staff will either be able to help you directly, or put you directly in touch with someone who can. Council@your library points offer:

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01692 402482

New Road
North Walsham
NR28 9DE

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