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Local business men and women in the North Walsham area looking to do a bit of networking in these difficult financial times are being urged to join their local Rotary club.

With a membership of more than 55,000 professional business people and community leaders, Rotary clubs are breeding grounds for contact building and idea sharing, whilst at the same time giving people the chance to give something back to their communities.

The North Walsham Rotary club which currently has 27 members, was recently pleased to welcome its newest Rotarian Trisha Williams who has been a Legal Administrator (see photo).

Ian Thomson, Rotary Club of North Walsham President said: Rotary International is a big story. Our members change lives, help communities and make the world a better place and we need more business people, particularly younger people, to bring young ideas into our organisation.

Our clubs consist of men and women who volunteer their efforts to improve the quality of life in their own communities and beyond. Clubs are open to all cultures, races, and creeds and our membership represents a cross-section of local business and professional leaders.

A lot of people are still unsure what Rotary is all about but our members are involved in almost every facet of humanitarian activity from volunteering at a school helping with literacy and numeracy to operating a Stroke Awareness Day, running a local charity event to raising money for disaster hit countries. At the same time we have a huge amount of fun and run a wide range of social activities.

One of the major projects Rotary International is renowned for is, with the help of the World Health Organization and other partners, the eradication of polio. Since Rotary first became involved in polio eradication in 1985, polio cases have fallen from 350,000 a year to 1,000; 125 endemic countries has been reduced to just four (Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan); and two billion children have been protected from the disease. Rotary is currently involved in the final push to wipe out the horrific disease for good.

Rotary International is arguably one of the first organisations to have fostered the idea of networking. More than 100 years ago a local solicitor named Paul Harris got together with three friends - a tailor, a mining engineer and an insurance businessman with a vision to form a club that would encourage fellowship amongst members of the business community. This was the birth of Rotary.

His idea quickly spread and today it exists in clubs in over 200 countries worldwide with over 1.2 million members. In Great Britain and Ireland there are more than 1,840 clubs.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the North Walsham Rotary club should contact Derrick Hankin on 01692 402381 or email

Visit or for more information on Rotary locally and in Great Britain and Ireland.

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Contact Name:
Derrick Hankin (Membership Enquiries)

01692 402381