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North Walsham St John Ambulance

North Walsham St John Ambulance

To become an adult volunteer please contact  01692 402760

There are many opportunities for young people too....


Anyone aged between five and 10 years can join. At Badgers it's all about fun and adventure!

Badgers take part in a lively programme, working towards their Super Badge Award. The programme has been developed to enable young people to learn important life skills in a fun and safe environment. Badgers can choose from fifteen subjects to help complete their award. These range from Creative and Active, to Healthy and Caring.

Once a Badger has completed their membership paw, they move onto their bronze paw, which is awarded after completing three subjects. A further three subjects will gain the silver paw and another three for the gold paw. A Badger becomes a super Badger when they have completed twelve subjects.

Badgers learn important first aid skills through their Super Badger Award and various first aid courses. Badgers can get a really cool black and white uniform which they can wear in the Sett and at some public events.

To become a Badger please contact  01692 409909



Anyone aged between 10 and 17 years old can join. At Cadets it's all about fun, adventure and community.

Guided by youth leaders, Cadets take part in an interactive and full programme, working towards their Grand Prior Award. The programme enables young people to learn important life skills in a fun and safe environment, but with challenge and excitement appropriate to their age.

Cadets can choose from over seventy different subjects to help complete their award. These range from Fire prevention and Photography, to Sports and first aid. Cadets can also undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme from the age of fourteen years.

Younger Cadets learn first aid skills through our training course for young people while older Cadets can undertake a community first aid or first aid at work course. Cadets can put their first aid and other communication skills into practice by providing first aid to the public at events or teaching first aid to other young people and adults.

To become a Cadet please contact  01692 403888

For lots more information visit the website

St John Ambulance HQ
Preference Place
Bacton Road

NR28 9DR
Please note the above address is the meeting location only. It is not a postal address.


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Preference Place
Bacton Road
North Walsham, Norfolk
NR28 9DR

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