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Back on Track

Back on track is a registered charity supporting people recovering from a mental health problem and are based in North Walsham in North Norfolk.

We are a voluntary group staffed by ordinary people who are living with or have suffered from a mental illness.  We aim to encourage, motivate and support others to relive an enjoyable, purposeful and rewarding life through self help.

We have a club atmosphere with individual support when needed.  It is a membership based group but with no charges, although there may be a nominal charge when we get permanent premises.  People wanting to become members must be over the age of 18 and be suffering or have suffered from a recognised mental illness, there are no other requirements.

At present we have members from the age of 24 to 63.  We have regular meetings every week with smaller get togethers of members who have found common interests.

Members are treated entirely as ordinary people and mental illness is rarely a topic of conversation, (although it can help to talk to someone who has the same problems).  New members are made to feel comfortable straight away.

We are an active group regularly doing things like tenpin bowling, fishing, golf, karting, snooker, tennis etc. but if you are not fully active yet, you can either come and watch and join in the banter or come to one of our less active sessions and just enjoy the company. Activities cost no more than 3 to members ( subject to funding ) and transport can usually be provided.

We can provide some work experience and give tuition in using a computer and help with CV's amongst other things.

If  you want to do more than watch t.v. and take pills, get "Back on Track" and give me a call.

You can contact me either by phone 07919 232904 or e-mail or use the contact page on this website.

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