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Dial a Dog Wash, North Walsham and Great Yarmouth

Dial a Dog Wash, North Walsham and Great Yarmouth


Call Penny on 07934 317404

I offer a mobile dog grooming service that COMES TO YOU!

Services include washing, full clips or trim, nail trimming, de-matting, coat conditioning and deodorising.

Dogs are groomed on a one-to-one basis and not surrounded by other dogs therefore being less stressful for your pet, and more convenient for you. Dogs are hand dried and not cage dried.

The grooming is done outside your home or work place. The van is  fully equipped with a warm water hydro-bath, grooming table and all the necessary equipment to give your dog the same bath , blow-dry and cut he would get if you left him at a grooming shop.

In the winter months the vans are heated to keep your dog warm.

Your dog will then receive a therapeutic warm hydro bath which loosens further dead hair and skin, and I will massage their coats with the shampoo of your choice which helps to revitalise the coat and skin.  I then use a luxury conditioner to soften the fur and help protect against breakage.

I then dry the dog, brush further and finish with a nice smelling dog cologne of your choice if required.

The whole process usually takes approximately one hour depending on what service is needed. When finished the dog steps out of the van and is already home!


Please give me a ring on 07934 317404 to make an appointment.


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Contact Name:
Penny Brown

Mobile Number:
07934 317404

covering NR11, NR12,NR28, NR29, NR30