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Ka-Pow! Badges

Ka-Pow! Badges

Ka-Pow! Badges is a small independent business based in Norfolk specialising in 1" (25mm) Custom badges and promotional products.

Ka-Pow! Badges started life in 2008 to give people the chance to buy high quality custom badges at a VERY CHEAP price!
We aim to please and pride ourselves on our HIGH QUALITY products and FAST TURNAROUND.

Prices start from 1 with FREE UK Delievey (discounts available on larger orders). You can also have as many designs as you like, full colour and at NO EXTRA COST!
Ka-Pow! Badges
can also provide metallic and day-glo badges at no extra cost.

Free Delivery to the UK.

Please contact us for a badge template and we'll get it sent out to you straight away. Otherwise if you'd like us to size up your image, just send it straight to us and we can do that for you. Obviously if you want it 100% to your design, the template is the better option.

Here's what to do...

1.Create your own image/images that you want on the badges
2. Send us your images
3. Pay for your badges
4. Wait for them to arrive

Badges should be with you in 5-7 working days.

We have 4 methods of payment:

This is the fastest option of payment. We do add an additional 5% to each paypal payment (75p per 100).

We accept cash at senders own risk. We recommend you send it special delivery if you are going to send it. Otherwise we accept cash on orders that are local and with pre-arranged exchange of badges/cash.

Cheque/Postal Order
Badges will be sent out upon clearence of payment.

Small thin lines wont show up very well so try and make the image with thick lines and contrasting colours.

Just a few of the people we've worked with: Andrew Jeckell, Dave Sealey, Cherry Blossom Melodies, EddsWorld, The Uh Ohs, Its A Trap, Landon, MC Ipod, Uprising , Power Up Promotions, Haunted Weekend, Zaflon, The Blow Ups, Platform One, Herbarley, Silver Sided, The Fens, Ciao Ketchup Recordings, Loosely Based On Fiction, Faintest Idea, Karen Overton, Severed Heaven, i:Candy, Skimmer, The Extinguishers, Splendid Eddie, Total Bloody Chaos, Zombies Of Ska, Norwich City Council, Hunstanton Arts Council, Alluminium Risk, Hair Traffic Control, Drown The City, Cute Loony, Lauren Mason, Scoobeef?, Suspect Device<, Sam Loaker, The Moo, Aim Records, Clara Kousah, Syphon Plane, Burn The Headlines, The Depot, The Dirty Tricks, When The Button Switches, Undrpass Promotions, Red Snowman, Mister Will Tucker, Stornaway, Human Cull, SAY, Kovak, Sean Seraphim, Rising Sun Clothing, Blacktower, The Trade, Nemo, Audio Bomber, BombCulture, The Jackpot Golden Boys, Rhythm Boys, Flawed, Music Madness NE, Jon Hart, Robin Romei, Screaming Danni, iPony, Red Threads, Never Back Down, Delavida, The Ghost In Me, Suspect Device, Hayley Angel, Alien Star 51 Clothing, Worry People, Ninja-Bunny.com, Mad Dog Magazine, Ugly Dog Skiffle Combo, Still Revolting, Blue Cap Boutique, Boutique

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